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Welcome to 1010 Recruitment, THE partner that connects talent with you by introducing IncruitX, a revolutionary, scalable hybrid of the age old contingent and retained search models.

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IncruitX is an onsite, consultative recruitment approach that will provide you with better and faster results then you are used to from any other external recruitment partner. For only $10K, one of our experienced Incruit Xperts will sit in your office, focus solely on your hard to fill roles and your first monthly hire is free of charge!

It truly is as simple as it sounds. IncruitX can be implemented on a monthly basis. Our results guarantee that you don’t need a 6 month or annual contract. All we need is a desk, the willingness to partner and your eagerness to save money.

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We certainly can work around that. 1010 runs a very lean and efficient organization, like any company should. Therefore, our placement fee is the same across the board. Regardless of seniority, specialization or location, we only charge $10k per hire!